Working as freelancer

Despite what a lot of people think, work remotely is not something that easy. Yeah I know is the dream of everybody in the world stay at home, organize your own schedule and go to the park (movies, beaches, bar etc etc) while everybody is stuck at an office.

To have this privilege, you don’t need to be good in what you do, you need to be reliable, and have your own extra disciplines that will go beyond your technical responsibilities.

This are some tips to you don’t be a fisco when you want to adventure yourself as a remote worker


The team is not at your side all the time and it is very difficult to everybody work at the same time. Work with a remote team does not mean that everybody need to be online all the time. Of course, it is very different of when you work locally than when you gonna do an entire day remotely, but still you have to think  as you are working in a normal company where and do your work in the conventional time zone

In a non-presential team, the status is what makes the work keep in it is axis, You need give status all the time about the project, doesn’t matter how by email, sms, smoke code doesn’t matter you all the time need to sinalize what is going on if is ok, on going, finished or with any problem…

But it is only check the commits?

No it is not only check the commits, and the list of issues. The team and the person who interacts and give support to the client needs to know EVERYTHING, you need to talk with your team and tell then everything which is going on with your part of the project

If you don’t like to talk, forget, you are not good to do remote work, if you don’t like to prepare and email telling exactly what is going on give up work remotely is not for you

Usually the status could be done 2 times per day, by the morning and the afternoon. if you give a long stop by the day is good to keep  the team informed. But usually two reports looks great.

Never omit some information

If you need to to give information all the time, you cannot never, in any change, omit exclude or forget to give any piece of information. When somebody asks you which are your task, do not worry if is incomplete, say exactly the atual status. Don’t try to say nice things when there aren’t be honest

If something is missing, say it. if you forgot something, say. if you had any problem are sick and will not be able of work say it. but never by any chance forgot to say anything

Keep your repos all updated

NEVER,NEVER,NEVER came out from the computer without give a push. you are going to beach? update your project send your commits to your repo. you’re going to the park to your dog make poo? update your repos

Delay a project because you forget to update is junior thing never do this. even more if you task affect the whole team. This is a mistake that could be a terrible pain in the ass in the future.

Just to be clear: I am not saying the you should push incomplete tasks. You should update only tasks updated and revised to the repository. but if you’re working in a separated branch to  dedicated to certain task, updated everything you can. somebody eventually could continue your task where you are.

Bad news is better than no news.

Bad news. bad news are normal in software projects. but have no news is even worse then this. the client start to became worried, stressed and start to doubt of your capabilities. Problems can appear we are talking about software development,  which means that problems will happen

The problem is your position on this scenario. Nobody wants to get bad news, but everybody likes to receive good news about the project. It is important to that the client are able to organise their agenda. He can be preparing some launch, some campaign of marketing, some presentation, and when you don’t give the bad news this is bad, I mean really bad

Remember the problem is not give the bad news the problem is not give any news. always give to the client all the news that you have to do the good and the bad.

Do not pick the project you think you will not be able to deliver

Maybe you’re too busy. Maybe you are just bored and want to some holidays or maybe you want a amount of money who involves a lot of projects and did not deliver none… doesn’t matter the reason, but if you know that you wont be able to deliver just don’t compromise yourself with it.

Is better lose a client that could maybe contact you again later, than involve yourself and maybe ruin the project of the client and left him with a big problem in the hands

in this scenario, the better is be honest. Say that you don’t have time because you have a lot o project, because you’re travelling or another reason never say no to a client without a truthful reason.

The client will not be mad at with you and in this moment you’re not compromising yourself with anything, you can say peacefully no in this moment.

Be responsible

I fell that I should not talk about none of this points with nobody, by the simply reason that is not the question of having or not responsibility. if you have it for sure, focus in the work and praise your word you gonna be great. The problem it is a lot of dev simply did not do great with this aspect and this for me has a name childish

You have a job to deliver and there is people who are counting on you. You have a client, who pays you to do some project, he sends you all the thing. and it is a lot irresponsible, and lack of education you fail in any measure of to inform him about anything about his own project

Remember all this disciplines and for sure you will be better than average


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